"For most people the thing they most treasure is staying alive on earth.  As a result they live their entire lives in bondage to fear of physical death." - Dallas Willard


Can we know what will happen to us when we die?  In Why Fear Death?, author Curtis Coleman answers, "Yes!"   Leveraging his college and seminary training in the original Biblical languages and his experience building a successful international biotechnology company, Coleman masterfully weaves the Bible, modern science and popular culture into a tour de force that demystifies death and argues that the fear of dying can be defeated by knowing what many have argued is "unknowable."


Coleman argues compellingly that we can confidently know what happens when we die, and we can know where we will go when we die.  We can choose to have the information that can eliminate the fear of death.


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Curtis Coleman's new book, Why Fear Death?, is scheduled to be available through bookstores worldwide and online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble in late March.  Autographed copies are available from this website in softcover or hardcover editions. 13 chapters. 204 pages.  To order, click on the desired edition below.


Chapter 1: Fight or Flight

The Universal Fear

Two Afraid

You Can Know in Advance

Chapter 2: I Want to Die Quietly in My Sleep

So Mysterious . . . and Certain

Chapter 3: Where Did He Go?

The Four Milestones of My Life

The Spiritual Leader Who Didn't Understand

Discovering the Answers about Death

Chaper 4: The First Thing We Need to Know

The Claim of One

Why Is the Resurrection So Important?

Was Jesus Resurrected After Death?

Is a Physical Resurrection Important?

Will We Be Resurrected?

Chapter 5: AfterLife

Will We Go Through Purgatory?

One Second After We Die

"Place" or "Space"?

Chapter 6: Another Dimension

The "Spiritual Dimension"

Baalim's Donkey

Elisha's Army

The Stoned Deacon

Who Were All Those Men?

Invisible, but Real

Here and Now

Chapter 7: The Heaven Now

Present Heaven

A Real "Place"

Is Paradise Heaven?

Will I Have a Body in the Present Heaven?

Can Our Loved Ones See Us?

Can We Talk to Our Loved Ones?

What About "Soul Sleep"?

Chapter 8: Life After Life After Death

What We Lost in the Garden


Extraordinary Capacities


Chapter 9: A Physical Resurrection

Will Our Actual Physical Bodies Be Resurrected?

Earth Suits

Physical Bodies vs. Spiritual Bodies

Paul's Mystery

Chapter 10: New Bodies!

Our Key Questions

I Want a Better Body!

What Will Our Resurrected Bodies Be Like?

Flesh and Blood


New Capacities

Resurrection According to Paul

Innocence Regained

Immortality Restored

Will There Be Time in Heaven?

Better Than the Beginning

At What Age?

Scattered Bodies?

Deformities and Scars?



Chapter 11: Cosmic Renewal

God's "Re" Words

The New Earth and the New Jerusalem

Nations on the New Earth

Open Gates

The Tree of Life and Immortality

Will the New Jerusalem Be the Bride of Christ?

Will Heaven Be Boring?

Will You Be a Quart Jar or Gallon Jug?

Chapter 12: Will "Non-Believers" Be Resurrected?

Two Resurrections

After Death / Before Resurrection

Chapter 13: Amy and Lulla

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