The Institute for Constitutional Policy is a non-profit (501(c)3) educational organization dedicated to educating Americans about the Constitution of the United States of America, specifically the original intent of the "extremists" known as the Framers of the Constitution and the impact of that intent on present day America.

Curtis Coleman's highly acclaimed DVD series on the "Origins of the Constitution"

Twelve sessions on six DVDs, plus one CD containing printable study notes.


  • Session One: We the People*
  • Session Two: The Preamble - The Six Surprising Purposes of the Constitution*
  • Session Three: Article One - Only Those Powers Herein Granted
  • Session Four: Article One - One Person, One Vote
  • Session Five: Article One - Slavery, 435, Impeachment
  • Session Six: Article One - How U. S. Senators Are Elected
  • Session Seven: Article Two - Qualifications for President
  • Session Eight: The President's Executive Orders
  • Session Nine: The First Amendment - Separation of Church and State
  • Session Ten: The Fourth Amendment - The Right to be Secure
  • Session Eleven: The Tenth Amendment - Restoring the Balance of Power
  • Session Twelve: Article Five - Amending the Constitution


Plus one CD containing the printable study notes.


Recommended for high school students and above.

* There are some intermittent audio problems in the first two sessions.

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